Toni McLellan Colorado Freelance Writer

hi there.

I’m Toni McLellan, a content marketing writer and content strategist for mid-sized companies, including tech startups, app developers, law firms, and outdoor gear companies. A former attorney, I started out writing for major magazines and websites, covering parenting, family travel, lifestyle, law, and other subjects for over 15 years.

These days, I partner with companies to create effective and engaging copy for businesses who want to use their online presence to connect with customers in ways that surprise and delight them, creating connections with readers and ideally converting them into loyal customers.

I use my years of experience writing for magazines to create high-quality professional copy that persuades by building trust and providing satisfying user experiences--anything from from blog posts to email autoresponders to case studies and company profiles, and more. 

As an enthusiastic people person known for my sense of humor, I'm also a bit of a freak of nature among my fellow introverted writers. I thrive on collaboration with remote and local teams and making people feel welcome and at ease while working with me--whether a source for a feature or a staff member at a startup working on a new app.

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a quick personal bio

I’m married to a great guy who makes me laugh every day, and we are raising three sons together in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. I’m also guardian to my brother, who has Down Syndrome and currently lives with us, along with a curmudgeonly African grey parrot. (Everyone in my house is male besides me!) We love exploring the rugged and beautiful place we call home, chasing our favorite food trucks (mac and cheese and wood fired pizza are usually involved), watching Marvel movies, geocaching, and playing board games together.

some highlights

  • Partnered with major brands, from Volkswagen to State Farm to Pfizer, crafting on-brand magazine quality writing for their custom publications.
  • A former go-to family travel writer for Family Fun Magazine and Disney's
  • Excited to be developing a new podcast launching late summer 2018!
  • Co-hosted the Serious Business Podcast with my friend, Mike Morrow, where we dished about creative work with humor and heart.
  • Founded a popular social media summit based in Chicago for people who use Twitter to tell jokes.
  • Got to interview Les Stroud, aka Survivorman, for a feature in Parents Magazine.
  • Favorite assignment: Dogsledding in Ely, Minnesota with my family.
  • Powered by: Coffee and enchilada sauce (not usually at the same time).