Coaching for Writers and Creative Business Owners

I've been coaching and teaching writers and creative business owners since 2013. Due to current writing projects, I'm only able to take on a limited number of coaching clients. 

Going Deep Writing Coaching

This coaching is based on my Going Deep Writing Workshop series, which I offer at least once each year. I help writers of all experience levels who have a specific dream project in mind - a novel, a memoir, a screenplay, a side hustle blog - but can't seem to make room in their lives to get it done, and/or have stalled and are unsure how to move forward. 

Coaching for Creative Business Owners

Since 2013, I've coached a variety of creative business owners, including: fashion designers, artists, photographers, and professional writers. (A yoga studio owner and career-changer managed to sneak onto my roster, too and I was able to help them get some significant results, too.) 


Each client is different, and what they're seeking is also unique. People come to a coach because something isn't working, or is doing "okay," but could be better. My job is to help you adapt and build resilience to work through the necessary change to get from desire to result. 

We start off with a brief session so we can get to know each other and you can ask any questions you have about the coaching process. I've found that working with people regularly (weekly or every other week to start) and long-term generates the best results, but it's up to you to decide how often and how many sessions to schedule.

I don't do "woo." While I'm an enthusiastic optimist, I'm not going to tell you to focus only on the positive so you can magically manifest a pile of money in your living room. Being self-employed is hard, and it's discouraging, and there's no road map for itt, and it takes a hell of a lot more than positive vibes to succeed and thrive both in work and in life. Dealing with difficult emotions and circumstances is all part of how we evolve and learn. I have solid experience guiding people through those ups and downs, looking at your beliefs, actions taken, and results generated, and adjusting accordingly until you make consistent progress toward your goals.

Also, while I'm an absolute delight to work with, I'm not your pal. I'm a mentor and I'm there to tell it like it is, with respect and the end goal in mind: The reason why you hired me. Whatever that is, we'll look at past actions and results, set some new goals, and compare how things are changing and, ideally, improving.


Among my clients so far, I've helped a yoga studio owner step into a leadership role in her business and develop a wildly successful international retreat, an event coordinator who also runs a busy photography business refine her priorities to better plan her time, an artist who felt frustrated and stuck learn the value of mindfulness and patience when growing a new venture, and a fashion designer learn how to better communicate with her staff. 

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