The Going Deep Writing Workshop

Do you have a writing project you’ve been longing to work on, but can’t seem to find the time? Maybe it’s that novel or screenplay gathering dust on a hard drive, an e-book for your business, a collection of essays or short stories, or exciting new content for your blog.

  • If you’re a new or amateur writer, are you afraid you don’t have what it takes to be a “real” writer? That you lack the education, training, and/or street cred to bring a writing project to life, so you stall, and you wait, and you tuck it away for “someday?”
  • If you’re a professional writer, do you long to explore a new genre or idea, but feel wobbly and unsure about whether you can tackle something new, so you stall, and you wait, and you tuck it away for “someday?”
  • Whatever your level of writing experience, it hard to justify making time to work on your “labor of love” project(s) due to more pressing or lucrative commitments? Do other obligations – work, family, life – keep you from working on your dream writing projects?
  • Do you struggle with tapping into that often-elusive place where your truest words come from — including all of the messy emotions and even boredom — that are a natural part of the writing process?

What if you could find the time? What if you could find the words? What if you could justify to yourself and your bottom line, that starting on an important writing project now is one of the best gifts you could give to yourself?

No matter what kind of writing you do, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a hopeful amateur, the Going Deep Workshop, led by coach and writer Toni McLellan, is your in-road to finally getting down and dirty with your most cherished writing projects.

Going Deep is the perfect mash-up between nuts-and-bolts writing guidance and coaching on mindset and habit change.

This is your permission slip to spend twelve weeks immersed in something that’s both exciting and important to you. Think of it like NaNoWriMo, but with a focus on quality and clarity instead of quantity and speed — not to mention you’ll have more expertise and support at your fingertips.

You should sign up for Going Deep if:

  • You’re a writer — amateur or professional, in any genre.
  • You have a project you’re burning to work on that you just can’t seem to get to due to other obligations and/or procrastination/resistance/fear.
  • You’re willing to commit to this process of Going Deep by devoting serious time to your chosen project.
  • You’re able to attend most, if not all of our weekly Saturday Sessions (group calls led by Toni) – that’s 12 Saturdays in a 3-month period.
  • You can commit to checking in on the Facebook group *every single week* for 12 weeks
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself and your writing – not just financially, but emotionally – with the goal to empower and give yourself permission to focus on your most cherished work.
  • You know you can’t wait any longer to get this work done.

Going Deep isn’t the workshop for you if you’re seeking:

  • A writing technique workshop. The primary purpose here is clarity and momentum. Digging in to find out why you’re not making progress on your project, developing a plan for how to change it, and implementing that plan.
  • Another shiny object you throw money at, only to tune out/avoid the work once the writing gets rough or life/work get busy.

Ready to dive in and join us? Here’s what to expect:

You’ll have weekly Saturday Sessions (via phone) on weekends at 7:30 a.m. Mountain time (6:30 a.m. Pacific, 8:30 a.m. Central, 9:30 a.m. Eastern).

Plan on spending 2-3 hours/week on reading the weekly newsletters, checking in with a progress report every Friday in the Facebook group, and participating in our weekly Saturday Sessions (group phone calls).

The amount of time you spend on your writing each week is up to you; you’ll build a customized schedule that fits into your life.

Here’s what you get for your investment:

  • Pre-work via email, with instructions on examining how you use your time. This will help you understand how much time you *really* have to devote to this project (hint: There’s always more time than you think) and to before we kick off on January 16th.
  • Weekly “Monday Mojo” newsletters from Tonifeaturing interviews with professional writers, coaches, and other experts, including: Jennifer LoudenLaura VanderkamSamantha BennettJudi KettelerKristine HansenKate Hanley, and Amy Paturel. Combining insights from Toni and other experts, you’ll learn how to bust through procrastination, carve out out time to work, and let people in your life know you’re in “Do Not Disturb” mode, among many other tips and techniques.
  • Weekly accountability check-ins every Friday, led by Toni in your private Facebook group. If you’re going four weeks without writing (hey, it happens), you’ll know, the group will know, and Toni will know. And you’ll have hands-on help to get you going again.
  • Twelve group coaching sessions (“Saturday Sessions,” 60-90 minutes) led by Toni.  Every single call in the first run of Going Deep was packed with insights about the writing process. Not only did participants get to know each others’ projects — allowing them to offer support — but Toni asked questions and offered specific guidance for each writer on how to move forward.
  • A tribe of like-minded writers who are hungry to focus on their craft, with a private online forum to share your progress. You can visit the group forum at any time to ask questions, share interesting news/articles/stories, and request support or accountability.
  • A list of solid writing resources carefully selected by Toni, including books, websites, and other writing experts/mentors who can take your work to the next level. (Participants receive this at the end of the workshop.)
  • A Going Deep Alumni discount if you decide to take the workshop again, either to continue a current project or begin a new one.
  • Greater clarity about your project, because you’ll have more work to examine and decide: Whether it’s got enough heft to continue forward, where should you take your work-in-progress from here, and how you can keep momentum going after the workshop.
  • You’ll be writing. Regularly. With purpose, focus, and determination. Long-term projects require a combination of Jedi mind tricks and good old-fashioned writing time in order to maintain your momentum and inspiration to fuel your determination. You’ll have all of this, and the end result will be: progress on your writing.


Here’s what former participants have to say about The Going Deep Writing Workshop:

The Going Deep workshop has been instrumental in getting me unstuck from the fears and resistance holding me back from truly committing to a major new project I’ve been avoiding for months.”
— Mike Morrow, a Going Deep alum who created this project during the workshop
If you’re in love with the idea of being a writer some day this is not the workshop for you. If, however, you’re willing to put the work into being a writer RIGHT NOW there is no better workshop for you
— Jen Anderson, who is working on her first novel

About Toni McLellan

I've been a professional freelance writer for 14 years, writing for major magazines including Family Fun, Parents, Parenting, and Natural Health. Among my many assignments, I've been a go-to family travel writer for Family Fun magazine and a parenting columnist and travel writer the Disney website These days, I work as a writer, speaker, and podcast host.

My current writing projects include creative non-fiction (essays) and a novel-in-progress. As a coach, I help people develop the mindset and habits required to achieve what they most want in life – whether that’s starting a business or navigating a major life transition.

I created the Going Deep Writing Workshop after establishing both the mindset and habits necessary to commit to my more personal writing projects. I know that with any new habit, I need to develop ways to regularly return and drink from that deep well of writing goodness — focus, concentration, and pushing through resistance.

It’s time to get started with this work. You’re ready. You can do this. You’ll never regret committing to your dreams, or learning the boots-on-the-ground skills required to fulfill that commitment.

I look forward to going deep with you!