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work samples

Here are some representative samples of work requested for the hiring team for the Marketing Specialist position at MCC. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in person on September 3rd. If you're curious about work I've done of a particular type or on a specific subject and don't see it here, contact me

press release

lets surf.png

I wrote a press release to announce the launch of Let's Surf—an app that connects surfers to others who love the sport.

July 2018


video script

Video Recording


Here's a client-approved video script for an animated ad that hasn't run yet, so I've redacted the client name and slogan. This was done in partnership with influencer marketing agency IZEA. 

March 2019


long-form features


Small but Mighty

Feature-length writing is my jam! I'm proud of this feature in popular regional magazine founded by two former journalists in Northern Colorado. In "Small but Mighty," I covered the impact of the tiny house trend in Colorado. 

Fort Collins Magazine, Spring 2018


Edutech Company Profile for AT&T / Inc. BrandView
I was hired to write a series of profiles, including one of this edutech company that helps schools better train and retain substitute teachers.

Inc. BrandView for AT&T, 2018

social media campaign

MCC Social Campaign Mockup

Look, you really don't want me designing much, but I know my way around Canva well enough to create these visuals for a social media campaign on Instagram, where many college-age students hang out.


I typically don't do social strategy as part of my work, but I understand the process. For this campaign, I'd want to:


  • Identify our objectives (increase enrollment, boost awareness, launch a program, increase followers on a channel)

  • Conduct market and topical research 

  • Determine branding for the campaign

  • Set an editorial calendar using tools like Hootsuite

  • Track metrics like views, clicks, and conversions.

Toni McLellan, August 2019

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