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"Toni was our savior! I hired Toni in 2018 to help get our web and mobile copy ready in anticipation of the launch of our app, LetsSurf. One project quickly devolved into many more as Toni became an indispensable freelancer for our team. Her personable demeanor made her an absolute joy to work with, she was efficient, timely, responsive, and most of all, we felt that we could trust her and her work absolutely."

—Madeline Eckles, founder, LetsSurf.com

A very short bio 

I'm a former lawyer-turned-writer. There are a lot of us. I think what happens is this: we get into law because we like building intriguing stories to argue and advocate. We want to know how it ends, as they say, but more importantly, we want to impact how it ends. But we quickly realize that in law, we can't control the story. It's then that those of us in this club realize that what we really are is writers.

I'm also too funny for the courtroom, to be perfectly honest. I was a contempt case waiting to happen.


I made the switch from law to editorial writing in 2003, shortly after my second son was born. My first published piece was an essay in ePregnancy magazine. It wasn't long before that naturally grew into content writing and strategy.


Today I write across markets and brands, from feature articles to business & legal content, in-depth profiles, video and podcast scripts, essays, and beyond.

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