What's the most urgent need

for your organization, publication, or project?

  • Does your publication need a writer who understands your style and your audience, and can deliver clear and engaging copy on time?
  • Do you have a message or big idea that you're not able to convey so that people understand or take interest?
  • Does your team have great marketing and web development staff, but no one to write professional, effective copy that includes clear information and calls to action for readers?
  • Do you have more ideas than time, and a need for someone to take your ideas and make them into written content that will support the goals of your organization?
  • Is your department/staff/team overwhelmed with existing work and in need of help for a specific project or campaign?
  • Do you want to blog or write newsletters about your organization/project, but lack the time and/or writing skills to write regularly?

I can help you with that.


I'm a former attorney with nearly fifteen years of experience writing for major magazines and websites. My strength is getting to the heart of a subject in ways that make readers feel connected, informed, and able to take clear action. This is great news, because research shows that we remember facts more easily if they are woven into stories. I create clear, engaging, and memorable content that draws readers in and connects them to the big ideas my clients want to share.

Whether you're with a nonprofit seeking greater reach for a campaign, a business seeking more engaged customers, or a publication that needs a compelling narrative, let's talk about how I can help your organization or publication strut its stuff